Snapper 7800545 Twin Riding Lawn Mower Review

The Snapper 7800545 LT130 AWS Series 46-Inch 23 HP Briggs & Stratton ELS Twin Riding Lawn Mower offers optimum efficiency and maneuverability. Unlike other mowers, the rear and front wheels of the LT130 AWS move together cutting along the landscaping, reducing the time required for trimming and offering professional results. Increase in maneuverability also reduces damage caused to the turf that traditional tractors are known for. The mower boasts features that help to make operation very easy and comfortable like driving an automobile. Yard work will not seem like a chore anymore with the Snapper 7800545.

The All-Wheel-Steer mower comes with a Briggs & Stratton 23 gross horsepower Extended-Life –Series engine. The engine has an oil filter of the spin-on variety, filtration system of the Extended Life type and advanced system of debris management for long life and dependable performance. For added reliability, the full pressure lubrication offers consistent, smooth operation.

Mowing is very easy with this tractor. Single pedal controls enable you to shift from reverse to forward without moving a foot. In addition the blade could be engaged on pushing a button and cruise control could be set from dash. Cutting heights are 6 in number. You could change them easily using the lever mounted on the fender. Anti-scalping wheels are fitted in order to prevent damage to the turf on terrain that is uneven. The deck can be removed for ease in cleaning. The mower comes with limited warranty of 2 years.

Snapper is known for its line of lawn care gear for residences. Their equipment can be easily owned, used and maintained. No matter what the size of the yard their mowers have powerful components and smart designs that are needed for professional results and dependable performance.

Features of the Snapper LT130 AWS Series in brief –

  • Quick Response All Wheel Steering
  • Option of Reverse Mowing
  • Pivoting Front Axle made of Cast Iron
  • Non CARB compliant (hence is not sold in California)
  • Electric Blade Arrangement


Snapper 7800545 LT130 AWS Pros and cons –

The Snapper Lawn Mower is smooth and responsive. It is well made. It boasts 4 wheel steering and great power of 23 HP. Its turning radius is impressive. Its parts are heavy duty. The sitting position and seat is comfortable.

There is no rear collector or bagger. The steering could be a little heavy for users who have limited strength.

Snapper 780545 LT130 AWS Customer Reviews –

The 7800545 LT130 has been reviewed by 3 customers on Amazon. 1 user has given it 5 stars while 2 have given it 4 stars.

Best place to buy –

The best place to buy the 7800545 AWS Series is because they offer great discounts. They are also known for their deals like free shipping and returns.

Conclusion –

The Snapper AWS Series offers a smooth ride with an amazing turning radius and great power. However, when it runs at a slow speed it needs more strength for steering. You have to keep in mind that a rear collector is absent. But irrespective of the issues, this mower ranks best among all reviews available.


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